July 26, 2019
1 Month and 21 days since
our Reunion.

Welcome '69 Trojans!   Yes, it's true! It has been 50 years since we said goodbye to our high school years. If only we could turn back the clock. Well we can't do that but we can spend the weekend reminiscing and catching up with our friends. Join us for a weekend of rekindling friendships and discovering new ones, too.
John Cruz & Rudy Gonzalez


Our website has been updated.

Sign in and let's get it going ~ If you have an existing profiile and have no clue as to your old password or have a new e-mail...you can add a new profile and we will delete the old one.  
Enjoy the old and add the new...  Looking through this is like opening an old treasure.  Our memories are our treasures.   

Fresh out of high school. Kick back, close your eyes and let your memories fly ~ 

Nixon was President, a stamp was 6 cents, the median price of a house was $8,389, the New York Jets won the superbowl and the New York Mets won the world series.  Oliver! won Best Movie and the #1 song was Aquarious. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was one of the favorite movies and Mrs. Robinson won song of the year in the Grammy Awards. In June, Nixon announced the withdrawal of 25,000 troops from Vietnam, July - Armstrong made the "giant leap for mankind" and in August Woodstock took place.  

Give us a story or two on some of your fun memories!

If you have any photos from our 10th or 20th-- please contact me (Patty Alkema) so we can include. 

It's Great To Be A Trojan! 

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You're So Fine (Falcons)
Groovin' (The Rascals)
Be True to Your School (Beach Boys)
In Da Godda Da Vida (Iron Butterlies)
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